Impressive and Powerful Omnichannel Platform.

IndieOmniPos believe that Omnichannel is your solution for digitalize your retail ecosystem. Built by experts who understand your retail needs with advanced technology and sophisticated back end also the most effective front end design will help you increase your sales.

Democratise Digital Commerce Features

We remove the barriers of any size of business so that retailers don’t have to spend to much time and money on their Omnichannel Commerce platform

Omnichannel Core

Business Dashboard

Brand & Product

Inventory & Distribution

Customer Management

Marketing & Promotion

Sales Associates System

Reports & Analytics

Online Store

Omnichannel POS

Start Omnichannel and boost your sales

If you expect to do smart thing than you will get effectiveness and efficiency. We use our expertise to create the best and powerful platform but as flexible as you need.

24/7 Access Anywhere

Practical & Modern Interface

Sales Optimization

Stable, Fast & Easy To Use

Multi Brand & Channels

Quick Installation

Omnichannel Core

The Omnichannel core commerce platform cover every aspect of the offline and online commerce journey, create a new shopping experience for the customer and completely digitalize your retail commerce.

Multi Channel POS

IndieOmniPos features allow you to synchronise everything in every channel. Helping you optimise all inventory and significantly increasing your sales

Offline Stores

Online Stores

Social Media


Logistic System

Our System will help you to send your customer’s order at ease directly form your stores by collaborating with the best Logistic partners.

Multi Digital Payment

We integrate the best digital payment method for your customer’s order purchase and increase your potential business. It will help you to simplify your customer’s payment as they expected and no more manual payment checking as you expected.

Credit & Debit Cards

0% Installment

Bank Transfer & ATM

Retail Payment

Financing Tech


BCA KlikPay


BANK Danamon



Bank Mandiri




Bank Permata

Bank BNI

CIMB Clicks




Brand & Product

IndieOmniPos offers competent Brand and Product central management system making it easy for you to modify and manage multi brands, products and Stores, Omnichannel will help synchronise everything.

  • Multi Brand Management

  • Multi Stores Management

  • Product Group Variation and Price

  • Bulk Template Management

Inventory & Distribution

With a sufficient inventory and distribution management system, you can have updated inventory data and create your distribution orders based on the latest sales performance from each channel.

Updated Inventory

Ditribution Management

Stock Opname Management

Customer Management

Easily set your Customer Relationship Management method, it’s time for you to focus on your customer profile and shopping habit to get closer to them. IndieOmniPos helping you to engage more to your customer and increase your customer lifetime value.

Customer Profiles

Gift Cards

Loyalty Program

Marketing & Promotion

Easily plan, schedule, and launch your marketing program and promotions that will engage audiences and drive revenue across all your stores.

Promotion Schedule Management

Multi Level Promotion

Discount and Cashback

Purchase Promotion

Vouchers Promotion

Point Rewards

Sales Associate System

IndieOmniPos can boost your staff or store sales associate productivity by simply added additional role for Online and Offline order processing. They will engage with your online order while they are in store and reply to customer directly about their order from the store

Multiple User

Commision Based Program

Integrated Order Management

Multi Order by One Person

Business Dashboard

Easy access to your business review, sales and store performances and your sales person achievement will be shown at your dashboard.

Sales Trend

Target Achievements

Sales Person Productivity

Multi Channel Performance

Reports & Analytics

Track and analyse valuable data that will help to shape all your channels business strategy. See and evaluate your brands performance by categories and product assortments.

Comprehensive Charts

Sales Reports & Analytics

Sales Person Analytics

Promotion Reports & Analytics

Exporting Reports